Textile Course

If you are at a loose end – why not come along to my textile class – https://www.artpocket.co.uk/textiles.html – There is a wide range of subjects on offer and also plenty of space to experiment. Below are some pics of things we will be doing

Rainbow coat

Am currently crocheting a rainbow coat for a client – really interesting how crochet can make a 3d structure. This coat is inspiring me to make more structured items – gosh there are a lot of pieces though. It is a real challenge. Just on the sleeves now so will publish a pic of the… Read more Rainbow coat


Lockdown and the plague has encouraged me to develop my crochet skills further. I have been designing blankets based on Marrimekko patterns. I have also made a load of shawls for people across the globe! See below for some of the things I have been doing

And now to writing

Well the Covid-19 thing has started me writing again and now thanks to Amazon and kindle you can read my short stories for children online https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088HFHY1H Let me know what you think! There will be more to come

So Proud…

Receieved the ‘Women Making History’ book through the post. So proud to have been a part of this project. Thanks to Norfolk and Norwich Festival.


2020 began with a foray into Crime and Punishment – working with Pathways College, Watton Junior School and Wymondham Heritage Museum, ERM are investigating law and order in the areafrom 15th Century to today. Building to a performance and exhibition in Wymondham and Norwich in 2020. National Lottery Heritage Fund supported. This however has been… Read more 2020


2019 was a mad year – so many projects! 2018/2019 – GoGoHares! Norwich sculpture trail where ERM decorated 2 Hares – Chatterbox Hare All About It; and Majestic for the Royal Arcade. 2019 Fashion in the Forties – fashion making workshops at John Lewis and Silver Road Community Centre leading to a fashion show at… Read more 2019

Processions 2018

I am currently working with the Norfolk and Norwich Festival to produce a banner to celebrate universal suffrage. The banner is a collaborative project with a group of women and it is my task to put all their ideas together into one piece.  The banner takes it’s inspiration from Mary Richardson, the suffragette who slashed… Read more Processions 2018

Diss Art Club

For the last 15 weeks I have been running an Art Club in Diss.  From 4 – 6pm we have had great fun doing fantastic things from making our own world in a box, to devising superheroes and making felt.  It started with 22 young people and 17 of them did the whole course getting… Read more Diss Art Club